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| July 26, 2012 - 7.07UTC
Kenya Yetu Magazine

What does it mean to be Kenyan? What makes a Kenyan different to a Tanzanian, Nigerian, a Zimbabwean or any other nationality?

Kenya today represents so much of what is exciting about Africa. It’s abuzz with opportunity and it’s full of energetic, creative, tolerant, hard-working and aspirational people who are living life with pride, honour and commitment, doing their best to make a better future. There is much the ‘developed world’ can learn from Africa’s young nations.

We thought it would be fun to create a magazine that attempted to capture the spirit of Kenya – the energy that is driving this progressive and exciting country.

We’re not seeking to appeal to a particular demographic or section of society. Kenya Yetu is a magazine for all Kenyans. We hope it will embrace the varied interests and activities that shape each of us – building a career, supporting family, contributing to the community, healthy living, music, friends, technology, fashion, sport…

This exciting new magazine is written by Kenyans, for Kenyans, and it aims to give voice to your own stories. We hope you will engage with Kenya Yetu as much as possible. Tell us what you would like to read about. Recommend writers and photographers. Let us know what interests you, and what makes you proud to be Kenyan. In this issue we highlight some of Kenya’s great Olympic achievers, but tell us who you admire; perhaps the unheralded hero in our neighbourhood.

Let us really celebrate being Kenyan, and share that with as many people as possible. Let’s shout it out to each other and the rest of the world.

For Kenya Yetu to be true to its mission, it is important that it is available to as many people as possible, that access is not restricted by a price. So we are distributing Kenya Yetu as a free publication.

We’re working with a range of companies who recognise the value of the magazine and want to help by making it available through their organisation. A full list of these stockists will be updated regularly on kenyayetu.net. Please visit them and support their businesses.

Without our advertisers Kenya Yetu would not be possible. So please support them, as it is only through them that the magazine can grow. The companies participating in this inaugural issue have all embraced the concept of Kenya Yetu and want to be part of it. We think that their vision and commitment are pretty special, and we hope you’ll show your appreciation by using their services and products.

Kenya Yetu will work if we all pull together on it. It is your magazine. This issue is a first baby step, and with your input it will grow into a fun celebration of being Kenyan.

The journey of life is never easy. The important thing is what you make of it. We look forward to sharing the ride with you.


CRAIG RIX, Publisher

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