Motoring matters

| August 20, 2013 - 15.32UTC

Four motoring events that every Kenyan should support…

1 Kenya Airways East African Safari Classic Rally
November 21 – 29
Everybody remembers the loss when the Safari Rally was pulled out of the World Rally Championship in 2002. But that nostalgia has been revived by Surinder Thatthi –  a navigator with four  African championship wins – who is recreating the old rally feel by allowing only classic cars built before 1974 to participate in longer sections and with a more limited service crew. Just like in the old days. The event that has run every two years since 2003 keeps growing. This year some 60 teams have registered and no less than 16 countries are being represented. Don’t miss the preliminary line-up at the WhiteSands Resort, Mombasa, or check out the action along the route.

2 Rhino Charge
Take about 60 4WD vehicles, set them in off-road terrain in the middle of the Kenyan wilderness and have them visit 13 check points scattered over 100 square kilometres within a 10-hour period. This is Rhino Charge. The main objective of this challenge is to raise revenue for the Rhino Ark Charitable Trust. The funds are used for the erection and maintenance of the electrified fence that encircles nearly 400km of the Aberdare ecosystem, protecting its endangered animal population.

3 Concours D’Elegance Nairobi Racecourse
September 29
Back in the days of horse-drawn carriages, French bluebloods paraded them in the parks of Paris during summer. This pastime was later to be known as Concours d’Elegance (“a gathering of elegance”) in the 17th century.  In Kenya, the African Concours d’Elegance tradition has been preserved by the Alfa Romeo Owners Club with a hugely popular annual motoring showcase. The Concours has become the classiest event on the Kenyan motor sport calendar, with entries from proud owners of all types of cars and motorcycles. This year marks the 43rd event.

4 Total Kenya Motorshow KICC Nairobi
September 6-8
Arguably this is the biggest motor exhibition in East and Central Africa, and a highlight of the social calendar. Some 30,000 motor enthusiasts and their families throng the event. Organised by the Kenya Motor Industry Association (KMI) and sponsored largely by Total Kenya, the motorshow is a unique fixture in the calendar. It showcases more than 300 vehicles, ranging from motorcycles to large trucks and top-of-the-range luxury models, and an array of auto accessories. Motoring services suppliers also display their expertise and merchandise.

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