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For the stylish Kenyan man, dressing warm in winter doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. To prove the point, we sent stylist Eddie Kirindo to work his magic on two prominent Nairobi businessmen and fathers: Fareed Khimani and Arthur Mwai. He poked his head in their wardrobes and styled them according to their personalities and tastes…

Who: Arthur Mwai, 41, CEO Mercury Group
About: Arthur runs and co-owns a chain of successful businesses in the hospitality industry: Bob’s Bar (Mombasa), Slims Bar and Restaurant, Mercury Lounge (ABC Place), Mercury The Last Drop (Junction Mall) and Psys Bars and Restaurant.

Business mantra: “Deliver the process. No matter what it may be.”

Trickiest thing about doing business: “Dealing with people!”

Toughest time in business: “For me it was making the decision to close a shop when it had not been successful. Sankai Steak House in Mombasa’s Nkrumah Road wasn’t picking up as I had hoped it would and so in 2003 I had to make that hard decision to close it down and cut my losses. I learnt a vital lesson then: location, location, location!”

On fatherhood: “The difference between fatherhood and motherhood is that while motherhood comes naturally, you have to work on fatherhood. Daily. It’s an everyday effort, one that impacts greatly on your children as a father. It’s a full-time job. You have to be careful what you say or do around children. They will take it as the norm. For instance, if I’m next to my son and I’m shouting on the phone at a supplier, he will assume that that’s the only way to deal with people: by shouting at them.”

Tweed Norfolk coat (Ksh10,000), check shirt and necktie (Ksh1000), both by Walton; pants (Ksh4000) by Limitless Reload; scarf (Ksh800) by Vintage 1869.
Black jacket (Ksh4000), waistcoat (Ksh3000), both by Jodeci & Kinyua; shirt (Ksh4500), jeans (Ksh3500) and necktie (Ksh1000) all by Waltons; shoes (Ksh4000) by Limitless Reload.
Suit (Ksh25,000), by Walton, Beige trench coat (Ksh8000), by Vintage 1869.
Grey waistcoat (Ksh4000) by Walton; checked shirt (Ksh2500) by Jodeci & Kinyua; blue pants (Ksh3500) by Limitless Reload.
Walton Jamia Mall, Tel: 0725 507840
Jodeci & Kinyua Jamia Mall, Tel: 0723 127100
Vintage 1869 Westlands, Tel: 0734 000090
Limitless Reload Tel: 0722 723398


Who: Fareed Khimani, 38, Nusu-Nusu Production
About: You know him from radio: Capital FM, then X-fm. A witty powerhouse on our airwaves for a good 13 years before he hung up his microphone a few months ago to go it alone.  Nusu-Nusu Productions, which he co-owns, is a television production company that is transforming the way East Africa and the region is viewed on television.

On the big move: “It’s something that had been on my mind. I started thinking about it six months before I decided to move. The tipping point came a month after my son was born. Going to work before he woke up and coming home when he had already turned in just weighed heavily on my conscience. After 13 years, the decision to quit radio came easily at this point.”

On radio: “What do I miss about radio? Well, I was one of those people who needed to be told immediately how good I was – and radio did that. No, seriously, I will upset people by saying this but radio isn’t as dynamic as it used to be in the era of Phil Matthews. People aren’t living radio anymore. Even commercials aren’t brilliant anymore. Radio has become bland.”

Plans for Nusu-Nusu Productions: “I hope it continues to grow as it has been. I want people to look at us for quality television programming content in sub-Saharan Africa.”

On fatherhood: “I love my mom, my wife and my best friends dearly, but I have never experienced a love like this before. You become very protective all of a sudden. And you drink less. And you can’t wait to get home. You know that feeling when you were a kid on Christmas Day and you couldn’t wait to open your gifts? I get that feeling every morning when my son wakes up.”

Charcoal grey coat (Ksh7000) and shirt (Ksh2500), both by Jodeci & Kinyua; pants (Ksh4000) by Walton; necktie (Ksh800) by Vintage 1869.
White shirt (Ksh2500) by Limitless Reload; denim pants (Ksh3200) by Jodeci & Kinyua; suspenders and scarf (stylist’s own); shoes (Ksh5000) by Limitless Reload.
Suit (Ksh25,000), by Walton.
Chocolate sleeves, ethnic printed jacket (Ksh5000) by Walton; shirt (Ksh2500) and denim pants (Ksh3000) both by Jodeci & Kinyua; necktie (Ksh800) by Vintage 1869; shoes (Ksh5000) by Limitless Reload.
Walton Jamia Mall, Tel: 0725 507840
Jodeci & Kinyua Jamia Mall, Tel: 0723 127100
Vintage 1869 Westlands, Tel: 0734 000090
Limitless Reload Tel: 0722 723398

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