Kenya Yetu magazine on ice

| November 13, 2013 - 16.05UTC

We are immensely proud of the very quick success of Kenya Yetu, and thank you and all the other supporters who have recognised the value of the publication and contributed to helping it be one of the most exciting magazine launches in Kenya in recent years.

Launched just over a year ago, 30,000 copies of Kenya Yetu have been picked up at carefully selected outlets within just weeks of each release. Advertising support has been gaining momentum, and the Kenya Yetu Facebook page already has 12,500 Likes.

Clearly there is considerable potential for the publication to grow and truly become a magazine that meets and represents the aspirations of Kenyans at home and abroad.

And this is where we are at a cross-roads. As a company, Gecko Publishing produces several other high profile and well established publications, including Msafiri (for Kenya Airways), Travel Africa, The Option (for Safaricom), ZiNG Caribbean (for LIAT) and Paa Tanzania (for Precision Air). Each of these also requires more attention in order to fulfil its own potential. Accordingly, we have had to develop a workable strategy that will enable us to focus our available resources on each project in good time.

As a result, we have taken the difficult decision to pull back on Kenya Yetu for the moment, suspending the print production until such a time that we can dedicate the resources to it that it deserves in order to meet the huge demand in the marketplace. However, we will maintain our website and continue to post creative content online, ensuring Kenya Yetu remains accessible to our many readers.

It is precisely because we want to produce a high quality magazine reliably and efficiently that we have made this decision at this time, and we hope that you will be as enthusiastic about the magazine when we do bring it back that you have been to date.

Craig Rix, Publisher

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