Editorial: Speak up

| August 21, 2013 - 12.15UTC

Everything must evolve and keep growing.  And this change needs to be driven by you.

This edition marks the first anniversary of Kenya Yetu, a magazine whose concept had been gestating for many years and which was born of our deep-rooted love of Africa and our optimism for the great potential of Kenya and her people.

Over these first six issues we’ve nurtured Kenya  Yetu through its first tentative steps while it found its feet and its place in the world. It’s been great fun, largely because our expectations have been exceeded in two rewarding ways:

First, we never anticipated quite how positive the response would be to the magazine. We distributed 30,000 copies of each issue through carefully located outlets, but did not expect them to be picked up and read with quite the fervour they have. At many stockists supplies have been exhausted within a week. The demand for the mix of content offered in Kenya Yetu is really high.

Second, we’ve uncovered many more highly gifted writers and photographers than we anticipated. There is a real depth of creative talent in Kenya: people whose work can stand very comfortably alongside many of the established professionals we have worked with over the years.

So where do we go from here? How can we make our content more easily available to more readers?  What topics do you want to read more about? Our research suggests that you would like a more urban mix of content, and that we should deliver more content to you in mobile or digital format… and so we’ll do that.

At the heart of Kenya Yetu lie two enduring principles: the magazine must be freely accessible, and it must represent the interests and aspirations of our readers. It is for you, by you. And so, as we ponder the next step, we feel compelled to seek your input.

Please visit our website and share your thoughts in the ‘Help shape the magazine’ section. Your ideas will be really helpful.

This is an exciting time for Kenya. As reflected in many of the stories in this issue, the economy is strengthening, enterprise is vibrant, change is coming to our cities… and Kenyans are among the most energetic, creative and hardworking people on the continent. Opportunity abounds. It is now up to each of us to ensure we do not waste it.

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