Editorial: On the move

| May 14, 2013 - 13.34UTC

There’s a momentum building in Kenya, but where will it lead us?

As we settle into our 50th year as an independent nation, a peaceful election behind us, this is surely the time to reflect on the long road we have come since independence. So we asked Oyunga Pala to reflect on that journey and to consider what the next 50 years may bring (Talking Point).

It is clear there’s a great momentum going in Kenya right now. One can see it all around us – in the gleaming high rise buildings, the state-of-the-art luxury hotels, the thriving business centres and shopping malls, and the multi-lane highways under construction. There is a real sense of energy stirring. But it’s one that poses its own demands and pressures, depending as it does on the reliable supply of affordable energy of a more basic nature. The opportunities and challenges are glimpsed in Dinfin Mulupi’s in-depth interview with Kenya Power MD Eng. Joseph Njoroge (The Big Interview).

Walking around the streets, talking to people, one senses a rising confidence among Kenyans. Nothing reveals this more directly than the way the issues of the day are now openly discussed, and indeed have become the subject for (often scurrilous) humour. Witness The XYZ Show, hugely popular here with all classes, and recently recognised as the best TV series in Africa. For an insight into the buzz and personalities of the production of the show, we take our own peep behind the scenes.

Probably the most impressive fact of all about the emerging Kenyan maturity is that it is being achieved in a country with extraordinary cultural diversity – a diversity that is now showing itself as a real source of strength. We explore this heritage with a survey of its origins and range (Who are we?) and take a closer look at some of the artefacts that feature in our still-vibrant traditional cultures.

A final note: here at Kenya Yetu we’re proud to reveal that this is our first issue to be printed in Kenya. We’ve been working with our friends at English Press to ensure the quality of print is as good as can be achieved abroad, and we hope you’ll feel this has been accomplished. Let us know if you think there are areas for further improvement. Like Kenya itself, a momentum is building with the magazine and we must keep striving to develop it further.

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